Shade Of Aran Is Toast

A Trio Fall To Champs
June 27th, 2007
Site Changes
August 7th, 2007

The Shade of Aran fell tonight, showing that even if you are a boss in Karazhan you do NOT want to piss off the Champs! And after all the tweaking only two deaths in the triumphant fight.

Ellis took home the Mantle of the Mind Flayer, while Jinxs won Pauldrons of the Justice-Seeker.

On an all-around decent night in the tower, Allista also earlier won the Inferno Waist Cord on the way to the Shade.

Part of what helped make it happen tonight is that Crang, in typical-for-him fashion, came to Karazhan to help clear the way, then stepped back and let in a 3rd warlock to help make sure the Shade went down this time. HAIL CRANG!

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