The King Is Dead

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August 7th, 2007
Champs Take Down Nalorakk
November 27th, 2007

Last week after a long absence and rebuilding of the guild Champs ventured back into Gruul’s Lair for a 1 night reaquiantance. Although none on the mini bosses went down we were pretty excited and knew it would not take us long to “get it right”. So last night Champs went back and after a few trys and getting a few of the Mini bosses down Champs got a bit of incentive. Zaq came into the game to let the guild know that Allista has earlier given birth to a baby girl … Lauren Elizibeth! In true Champ form they went back in and took DOWN High King Mulgar in Honor of our NEWEST CHAMP Lauren! A Big CONGA RATS to our raiders and to Zaq and Allista … it was a banner night for COTD!

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